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Bitcoin: Forget the price, look at the ecosystem

January 25, 2015

In 2012 Bitcoin entered the mainstream like Kanye at a New York Fashion show: everyone noticed, but nobody really knew what they were looking at. Since then, the mainstream media has tried to quantify Bitcoin’s value and quote the price of the token as an indicator. The problem is that Bitcoin is unlike anything we’ve…

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A use-case for Bitcoin Multisignature

December 29, 2014

One of the challenges with running a volunteer-based organization or event is trying to manage what to do with surplus budget from an event. Clearly this should be kept for future events or to support the organization but without a clear leadership structure how do you create the necessary accountability? Who controls the bank accounts? In an…

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Using Bitcoin at Startup Weekend Vancouver

October 13, 2014

Out of general curiosity, I started following Bitcoin in 2012 but it didn’t really hit me as being real until I bought a coffee at Waves on Howe St. The woman at the counter handed me my coffee and I thought to myself, wow – this is really going to happen! It was the beginning of a…

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How to set up a Blockchain wallet

October 2, 2014

Blockchain is a great resource for checking out Bitcoin activity and it also turns out they have fantastic wallet solutions for a wide variety of platforms. Today I’ll walk you through the setup of a Blockchain web-based wallet and connecting this wallet to your Android device. Note, the process for iOS is quite similar.  …

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4 Reasons you should try Bitcoin

September 19, 2014

Anyone that finds this article has probably heard of Bitcoin, but I bet most of you have never actually played around with it. It turns out that one of the brilliant aspects of Bitcoin, and it’s underlying technological innovation, is that is can be ‘used’ in a wide variety of ways. Today we’ll focus specifically…

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